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Cultural Centre Céramique


Cultural Centre Céramique is the perfect place in Maastricht to discover more about Limburg and Maastricht’s cultural heritage. The permanent exhibition showcases archaeological finds, Maastricht pottery, glasswork, instruments, school posters, and Japanese prints. The museum also organizes periodical temporary exhibitions and has a restaurant.


As the name of the center shows, glasswork and pottery take pride of place in the permanent exhibition. These were the most important products for the city at the time of the industrial revolution. Original Maastricht pottery is very popular among collectors, and the most beautiful samples can be found at the Centre Céramique.


Other highlights are the archaeological finds that tell the story of Limburg and Maastricht, such as a horse skeleton from the 18th century, a coin collection from the 1st century BC, and a pair of shoes from the 12th century. All these objects come from the area around Maastricht.


In addition to the permanent exhibition, the center organizes temporary exhibitions. The World Press Photo exhibition, for instance, returns every year.

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