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Bonnefanten Museum


If you are familiar with Dutch architecture, then you will know that the Bonnefanten Museum stands out. Yet, this unusual metallic structure doesn’t disrupt the skyline of Maastricht but rather enriches it, proudly towering over the river, situated directly on its banks opposite of the old center of Maastricht.


The Bonnefanten Museum, reached out to none other than Italian architect Aldo Rossi, when they were faced with the challenge of constructing a new building on the old industrial estate called “Ceramique”, in 1990. The collaboration with Rossi ended with the creation of a truly exceptional and original building, which would be perfect to host the works of art and do them justice.


The building features famous monumental stairs, the Treppenstraße that guide the visitors into the exhibition rooms. The cupola is the undeniable highlight, the extraordinary tower which can be seen from the banks of the river.


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